Does your organization, non-profit or business center serve small business entities?

 Let us create, manage and facilitate your business development program! 


Our signature workshops and programs can be facilitated virtually or in-person by a Smart Cookie certified trainer. Participants receive workbooks and/or handouts accompany most workshops.


Whether are starting a business or expanding an existing one, Smart Cookie has everything needed to achieve success.

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Business Start-Up 101

This course is designed to get new and aspiring business owners familiar with business concepts and best practices.  Participants will learn


  • common business terminology

  • lean canvas (one-page) business plan

  • the top 10 entrepreneurs strengths and how you can use them to grow business

  • 4 common business models

  • the various types of ownership (sole proprietorship, partnerships and corporations). 

Financial Essentials

Gain a working knowledge of how financial decisions business operation to include cash flow, break even, ROI, cost of goods, pricing, income statements, balance sheets, and financial ratios. Having a proper handle on business and personal finances is crucial to business success.  Good financial management allows you to properly forecast the business health. In this workshop, participants will:


  • Understand business finance options, business credit, personal credit as it relates to banks and investors

  • Best practices for bookkeeping and accounting

  • Going for a bootstrap business to profitability with ease. 

  • Determine which sales strategies are possible for various businesses.

Lunch and Learn Workshops

Lunch and learn workshops are a 30-45 minutes training or presentation session including a Q&A at the end. Lunch and Learn is an easy way to motivate your audience in a collaborative learning environment. This allows for an open channel of communication and training. These sessions result in valuable and successful professional & personal development.


Lunch and Learn Workshop Titles


  • One Page Business Plan

  • Finding the perfect avatar

  • 9 tips to better work-life harmony

  • Navigating Imposter Syndrome

  • Who are you called to serve

  • How to go from thought to action

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle

There are many options for learning the business side of being an entrepreneur yet living the entrepreneur lifestyle must be experienced.  This course will explore the personal side of entrepreneurship. 


  • How to push past the fear and properly analyze the risks.

  • Gaining family support with family agreements.

  • Taking ownership of your own genius. Understanding your personal value is not tied to the value of your business. 

  • Setting personal boundaries and guidelines to include exit plans.

  • How to get the most out of networking, professional development, masterminds and support groups.

Done In A Day Intensives

Done In a Day program is designed to help entrepreneurs officially form, strategically plan and execute business actions all done in one day. 


  • Done In A Day: Business Formation

  • Done In A Day: Financial Essentials

  • Done In A Day: Marketing

  • Done In a Day: Branding

  • Done In A Day: Strategic Planning

  • Done In a Day: Speaker

  • Done In A Day: Operations

Business Marketing 101

Now that you’ve determined you are starting a business, this course is designed to give insight on how to effectively market it. Participants will learn

  • how to choose a name that wow the audience, grow your company and speak to your mission

  • how to determine your target market and ideal market.

  • explore the use of various marketing and publicity avenues (social media, radio, traditional marketing, word of mout

  • understanding how product, audience, price, distribution, and promotion all affect marketing and marketing strategies.

Business Operations

Poor management can make or break your business.  With great business management a business can achieve extraordinary goals. In this workshop, participants will learn: 


  • Understand the importance and how to create standard operating procedures.

  • Clearly defining corporate culture, company mission statements, and a commitment to ethics and social responsibility. 

  • How to lead a team using your strengths, interpersonal skills, communication skills, team building and vulnerability

  • Learn about the lean canvas model and how it can be used to complete an official business plan 

  • Improve your decision-making skills by using your management tool kit.

Digital Skills Workshops

Digital skills are essential for almost every part of life today. When you know how to use a computer or mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, you can complete tasks for employers, such as sending emails, creating spreadsheets, and finding information. This workshop series will enable you to learn new skills, practice and gain confidence while using smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices.

  • Course:Basic Computer and Mobile skills

  • Course: Social Media 101

  • Course: YouTube for storytelling and connecting

  • Course: Communication Using Digital Technology

Cash App Me

Cash app is a form of payment not an accounting system. This will course show you business owner  


  • Business finance and bookkeeping basics

  • Mobile payment systems vs. Accounting Systems

  • Cash Apps Best practices

  • Business Structure (Sole Proprietor, LLC, Inc)