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Business and Marketing

Feeling all over the place?  Or maybe you need some fresh approach to grow.  Let us organize your business so that you can scale to new heights.


We only need 6-hours of your time to create a well developed strategic + marketing plan for you. This is not cookie cutter plan.  Your plan is tailored to your specific goals for up to 1 year.  


Your plan will include"​

  • Organization Foundation - mission, vision, impact statements

  • Business and personal strength analysis

  • Business avatar assessment

  • Operations action plan to include SOP's, product and/or course development 

  • Lifestyle integration 

  • Strategic marketing plan for up to 6 months

  • Sales forecasting to include metrics

  • PESTLE risk analysis

There are 7 steps to the Smart Cookie strategic planning process. 

Step 1: BrainDump-  We will use a series of tools to assess the current state of the business and transfer knowledge.

Step 2: Fundamental Building: Business and personal strength analysis is performed. We will also solidify the company vision, mission, pillars of impact, business avatars and business avatar problems.(Your offers will solve the problems)

Step 3: Organization Leadership: We build the company organizational structure and leadership structure based on your business and personal strength analysis results.

Step 4: Operations- Here we focus on creating systems, SOP's and workflows that are customer centric.  We also overview client and company communication standards. We will solidify offers, pricing structure and packages

Step 5- Strategic Planning- milestones, objectives and goals are forecasted for up to 1 year of operations. Metrics, KPIs and other indicators are determined

Step 6- Marketing Strategy- we developed an executable marketing strategy that will maximize your growth and get you in front of your ideal client.

Step 7- Implementation A n implementation plan is created for strategic plan role out. Any assistance needed from Smart Cookie for execution of the implementation plan will be determined.

Schedule a discovery call so that we can create a strategic plan for you. 

S.M.A.R.T. Management

Let us do the work for you. 

We are your Sales, Marketing, Admin Response Team (S.M.A.R.T.) 

Smart Cookie offers S.M.A.R.T. Management as your virtual team.  After we optimize the wellness of your business or organization, we execute your action plans in the following areas

  • Sales- we focus on your sales process.  We are your front line sales team. 

  • Strategic Direction- we assist in strategic planning for long and short term goals.  Get action plan for what is need to be implemented to progress towards your organizations vision and goals.

  • Marketing Strategy- with sound, innovative strategy,  we provide a measurable marketing systems that not only increase visibility but also close the deal. 

  • Administration Support - virtual administrative services included  checking email, research, creating systems, organizing calendars, client management

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