Offering CEOs Direct Access to God's Marketplace Strategies

Want to have your cookies and eat them too? 

Then you need a team to support your business dreams and your faith.  Our mission at Smart Cookie is to ensure you can focus on your passions while honoring your faith in God.


Smart Cookie Business Development Agency offers bespoke services in business development. There is no cookie cutter approach (pun intended) at Smart Cookie. We design individualized, customizable, innovative strategies based on your success goals.  We consists of several departments to assist you in growing and developing your business.   Our business operation division provides strategies that define your business, its products, and its profitability.   Through innovative strategies, our sales & marketing division helps you position your business for growth.  Entrepreneurial professional training is provided by our training division.  We also provide subject matter experts with back-end support through our Implementation Division. Our team of experts is ready to strategize, market, implement and pray for your business 


So... if you're ready be the faith-driven CEO you're meant to be, grow your business and increase your profits then be one smart cookie and schedule a consultation. 


Our Menu

Bootstrapping has proven to be a great strategy for your business. You have now reached the point where we have to grow strategically. In order to achieve this, you need a master plan, delegation, a professional brand, as well as market positioning that will help you establish your business on a level that is unparalleled. Getting you to that level is what Smart Cookie does best. Our agency provides faith-driven consultants, speakers, coaches, and service-based entrepreneurs with wide array business development solutions.

Choose a yummy category below, then order from our more detailed menu of services.

Business Operations Consulting

You can't get to a goal if you don't know where you are going.  No more being all over the place. Our strategic plans maps out a complete 12-month masterplan including a marketing plan to get you more revenue, increased profits and less stress. 

Sales & Marketing

Attract, acquire, and engage your target audience! Thats the mission for our Smart Cookie marketing team. 

Our marketing plans outline the strategies that give you the competitive edge.  We use a mix of social media, email, traditional, SMS, content, SEO and other marketing strategies to reach your target clientele. 

S.M.A.R.T. Implementation

Let us do work for you.  You have a dedicated sales, marketing and administrative team working on your business for you.  We execute all the pieces in your strategic and marketing plans while you focus on being the CEO.  This is the team you've always dreams of! 

Meet the Cookies.

We are a diverse group of cookies in the Cookie Jar (our name for the Smart Cookie home office).  Our collective superpowers come together to provide you with the best in class service and expertise.  Our core values include laugh often, lead with love, vulnerability is a strength, God is the CEO, assume well intent, deliver to the best of your ability, be accountable, practice work-life harmony, live abundantly and have fun!  

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